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Explore Sideways - Napa Valley, California

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N A P A V A L L E Y2021C A L I F O R N I A , U S A

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Discover theundiscovered.Explore Sideways | 2

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Becoming the leader in highly curated wine, food and cultural experiences takes time. First, we needed to visit every popular wine farm, meet every winemaker and try every tasting. We tucked into the five-course meals, snacked on the gourmet picnics and gave all of the strange pairings a go (wine and music anyone?). Then the real exploring began, hitting the back roads on the sniff of rumours to unearth foraging chefs, rebellious winemakers, visionary artists and out-of-the-ordinary encounters. Now we have a collection of the best experiences in South Africa, Portugal and the USA for discerning travellers. We offer the curious explorer an insider’s journey to all of the hidden gems, unmarked cellar doors and the most dynamic local culinary experiences, all topped off with a dash of adventure.We like toexplore

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Curated ItinerariesHalf-day and full-day tours customised for you.Private ToursAll tours are personal experiences with dedicated guides.Door to Door ServiceFrom accommodation in and around major cities.LanguagesOur guides speak various different languages.Explore Sideways | 4How we liketo explore.

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Customised tours.We pride ourselves on using our expertise, mixed with creativity and intuition, in designing an itinerary unique to each of our clients. Through our years of experience, we’ve come to know what type of itineraries work well – the ones that are exciting, fascinating, memorable, run smoothly and include stops at the best wine farms, restaurants, art galleries, boutiques and viewpoints. www.exploresideways.comWe’ve used this knowledge to draw up a list of our most popular itineraries, which are always open to changes according to each discerning traveller’s own whims and wishes. Consider the below a menu to whet your appetite, a conversation starter to point us in the right direction to tailor a day that suits you perfectly. Because if there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s knowing a great pairing when we see (or taste) it.

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Popular itineraries.Looking for some inspiration? While all of our itineraries are tailor-made to fulfil your travel dreams, we have a couple of favourites to get things started...Explore Sideways | 6

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So, you’re looking for the ultimate Napa wine experience that’ll have you sipping on some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon? Bottles that are brimming with flavour and perfectly made? And to meet some of the incredible people who make it? Our Best of the Napa Valley experience takes you to some of the valley’s best wineries producing world-class wines in unforgettable settings. Think dimly-lit underground wine caves, the smell of new French oak barrels and untold stories of the valley, all accompanied by amazing wines. RATE INCLUDES: Pickup and drop-off from your accommodation in and around Napa Valley, private vehicle, professional tourist guide, 3 wine tastings and 1 food & wine pairing.Best of theNapa Valley.FULL-DAY ITINERARYRATE EXCLUDES: Lunch and gratuity.THE HIGHLIGHTS:● Learn about the history of the Napa Valley and how it gained international fame for its Cabernet Sauvignon.● Taste award-winning wines at 3 of the valley’s best wineries.● Enjoy a food and wine pairing overlooking beautiful vineyards.● Hear the secrets behind how these wineries make their

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Of course you know about the grand, luxurious wineries in the Napa Valley, especially the ones that appeared in Netflix’s original Wine Country film. But do you know about the ones tucked away off winding dirt roads or hidden behind towering oak trees away from the tourist hotspots? Join us as we take you to Napa’s hidden gems – the understated winemakers crushing the Napa norm and making waves in the international wine industry. These are the real secrets worth discovering...RATE INCLUDES: Pickup and drop-off from your accommodation in and around Napa Valley, private vehicle, professional tourist guide and 3 wine tastings.The Hidden Gems of Napa Valley.FULL-DAY ITINERARYRATE EXCLUDES: Lunch and gratuity.THE HIGHLIGHTS:● Learn about the Napa Valley and the important role that farming plays in winemaking.● Taste incredible wines at 3 boutique-style wineries. ● Enjoy relaxed and intimate settings with picture-perfect views.● Go behind the scenes and meet an award-winning winemaker and learn about the “New California” wine movement.Explore Sideways | 8

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